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Bankruptcy information on the web is too often just personal vignettes or promotion for lawyer or product. Bankruptcy in Brief is perhaps the only comprehensive, non technical resource on bankruptcy law on the internet.

Our goal is to help debtors and creditors understand how bankruptcy proceedings work. You'll find information on who really needs bankruptcy relief, what debts can be discharged, and what the process entails.

Check out Bankruptcy Soapbox for news, features and opinion in the world of bankruptcy and our latest thoughts on debt, law and our economy. You can share what we've learned about personal finance and living well in a consumer society on Consumer Ledger.

This site cannot replace the advice of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. It can help you locate, interview and understand a bankruptcy professional. We also talk about the dangers in representing yourself.

Explore: there are over 150 pages of questions and answers, procedure, explanations and links to other resources here.  Click on the footprints to take our tour on Chapter 7 for individuals.

For legal advice specific to your situation, see a bankruptcy lawyer. 

You're on the original Bankruptcy in Brief site. Check out the revamped Bankruptcy in Brief: lighter, brighter, and more visual. Same, sound bankruptcy information.

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Legal issues and bankruptcy questions are frequently complex and individual.  The information contained here is intended to be educational only:  it is not legal advice nor does it create an attorney client relationship between the viewer and the firm.  You should consult with a bankruptcy attorney licensed to practice in your state for advice about your particular situation.  See Law on the Internet

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